How to Freeze Potatoes

Good afternoon y’all, can we talk taters today? I know, I posted tater tots yesterday but honestly there’s times you just need to use up some potatoes before they go bad and freezing is a great way to do that. I put up 5 bags this morning as the 10 lb. bag of potatoes I bought 3 days ago are already going bad. I froze 3 bags for mashed potatoes and 2 bags diced for hash browns. I had Zaylee helping me fill the bags, her Home Ec lesson this morning, and hopefully she’ll remember to pass this little freezing tip down to her kids and grandkids one day. There is no need to thaw them before using, just add to boiling water for mashed and fry up as you would store bought hash browns.

Back when all this pandemic mess started it was hard to find a bag of potatoes and then when you did, just as now, they didn’t last long. They get soft quickly and sprout quicker seems like too. For a while, I was throwing out bad potatoes and after venting to Daddy about it he told me to freeze them, Nannie Polly did when some in the cellar starting to go bad. It was like I had been knocked in the head, why had I not thought of that sooner? I’ve been doing this the past couple weeks as it makes more sense to freeze them for future meals rather than eat a bag of potatoes up over a couple of days. That’s why I thought I would pass Daddy’s suggestion on with y’all as you might be in the same predicament as I am with potatoes. I was taught at an early age that wasting food was a big no no and I needed to preserve what I could with what I had. I never had a problem with eating what was put on my plate and cleaned it every time. My children however did not inherit that gene from me as they were picky eaters and wasted more than I care to mention. I may have mentioned this before but when my son was knee high to a fence post we were eating with Nannie Polly and Papa and he didn’t want what was on his plate. Papa told him that children all over the world were hungry and my sons reply of “well then box this up and send it to them” put me under the table with embarrassment. He learned real quick not to sass Papa Rackley.

How to Freeze Potatoes

Have a pot of boiling water ready as you begin to peel, wash and cut up your potatoes. If dicing them for hash browns you will blanch the potatoes for 3 minutes. If just quartering them and cutting in larger pieces for mashed potatoes, you will blanch them for 4 minutes. Use a slotted spoon and remove the potatoes to a baking sheet and let them cool. Place the baking sheet in the freezer and once they are frozen divide them into meals in freezer bags. 

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