It has a delicious cookie base filled with layers of cream cheese and pudding mixes, and is topped with Cool Whip. We pretty much can’t fault it !!!

This is one of those popular recipes that you will need in the easy desserts section. A crowd-feeding dessert, one everyone loves, easy to carry and casual for any family or friend they get together.

All ingredients are easily layered in a 9 ” x 13 ” skillet. This makes for a great instant dessert for parties and gatherings.

There are many theories as to how Sex in a Pan dessert was called this name. There’s the obvious – someone loved him so much that he declared it “like sex in a pan” and the name stuck. It is possible but I am not sure about it.

One of the most popular theories is that it came from the fact that when you include chocolate chips on top, there are six layers in this layered dessert – six in a skillet – and over the years it has transformed into sex in a skillet.

This is the PG version of the story I would meet if someone asked me! I’ve also seen it’s called “Robert Redford” and “Better Than Sex” – both of which probably require more explanation than Sex in a Pan dessert actually does!

* Ingredients for sex in the pan :

° butter

° All-purpose flour

° Chopped pecans

° icing sugar

° Light cream cheese

° Instant chocolate pudding

° Vanilla pudding

° 2% milk (5 cups milk)

° A cold whip

° Half-sweet chocolate box

* How to make sex in the pan?

To making Sex in a Pan, you’ll necessity  baking dish that can go from hot to cold – so a glass baking dish works well.

First mix the crust with the pecans, flour, and butter together and bake. & next layer is made utilizing Cool Whip, cream cheese & powder sugar.

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the crust. Then we mix the pudding separately with the cold milk and put a layer of vanilla pudding first, then spread the chocolate pudding over the vanilla layer.

Finally, spread the remaining amount of Cool Whip over the chocolate pudding, add the grated chocolate, refrigerate and serve!

To be honest, it doesn’t last long enough here that I tried to freeze it, but if your family isn’t a big fan of it like mine, yeah you can freeze it.

You will need to find a cover that fits your baking dish tightly. Just put everything in the freezer and when you want some you can cut what you need and let it thaw while leaving the rest in the freezer.

If you want to wrap it in plastic wrap, you can pre-freeze it bare it and when it is solid, it is easier to wrap it and not lose half of the top layer because it will not easily stick to the plastic wrap. Then I like to put a layer of aluminum foil on to help it seal better.

Enjoy !

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